I'm a photographer based in Belgium.

To be brief I used to define myself as a fetish photographer, but I've noticed over time that the understanding of the fetish genre can differ whether you're in the US, in UK, Germany or elsewhere, to some fetish means only latex. Actually I do not limit myself to the strictly fetish genre at all but play with & mix different genres such as burlesque, fantasy, cosplay, alternative etc. Sometimes adding one single fetish accessory or piece of clothing to a fashion or portrait photoshoot is enough (think to Helmut Newton's work, which inspired me from the beginnings).

The Villainess project

The Villainess project intends to explore archetypes of femmes fatales and mean female characters as pictured in classic and modern movies and comics in a personal and playful interpretation.

The best keyword to figure out what we are trying to do may be character. When working on a moodboard we try to build some kind of fictional villainess character, when shooting we try to add a touch of drama, our photography relies also greatly on costumes.

On the attitudes generally expected from a villainess, a villainess smokes a cigarette, that's not politically correct but the gesture is iconic, a villainess plays with guns and other evil props, a villainess is graceful, seductive and dangerous. This framework allows us a huge range of possibilities and variations, including expressive portraits, imaginative and unusual. Last, our main subject is definitely the femininity.